Mains Menu

Lobster Indulgence

Experience the ocean’s finest with our fresh, succulent lobsters. Served with a crisp house salad, perfectly golden chips, and your choice of rich garlic butter or decadent Thermidor sauce.

Half | £19.90
Full | £39.75
Free Range Pork Belly Delight

Savour the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of our pan-fried, free-range pork belly, a symphony of flavours. Served with creamy mash and vibrant red cabbage. Pan Fried.

Small | £16.50
Large | £18.50
Salmon Bliss

Delight in the pan-seared salmon fillet, harmoniously paired with braised buttered new potatoes, green beans, and a velvety vermouth jus.

Goats Cheese Artistry

Indulge in caramelized onions and goat’s cheese paired with delicate rissole potatoes and fresh beans.

Steak And Lobster Supreme Burger

Experience burger perfection with a double dry-aged beef party, smoky mayo, beef tomatoes, steaky bacon, blue stilton cheese, caramelized onion chutney, and crispy onion rings.

Halloumi Paradise (v)

Escape to paradise with our grilled halloumi burger, featuring flat cap mushrooms, creamy mayo, tantalizing tomato relish, and crispy baby gem lettuce.

Chicken Buttermilk Wonder

Savour a marinated chicken breast masterpiece topped with smoked applewood cheese, succulent beef tomato relish, and fresh baby-gen lettuce. Served with coleslaw and a toasted brioche bun.


Delicious Sides

Elevate your meal with our delectable side dishes
Truffle Fries: £4.75
Halloumi Fries: £4.00
Onion Rings: £3.50
Buttered Greens: £4.25
Flat Cap Mushrooms: £3.25
Lobster MAc and Cheese: £7.00

GLUTEN FREE= some dishes can become gluten-free; ask the server for details.
(V) = means vegetarian.
If you have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity, please speak to the server before ordering your food.

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